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Picture of a man with dirty blonde hair, smirking while looking at the camera in a green button down an a dark background.

Hey, y'all: my name is Josh Daniel.

I was born & raised in New Orleans––the first town I ever got paid to sing in. I was 7 years old on the streets of the French Quarter, my go-to was "Orange-Colored Sky," and I had a shoe-box for tips that read: "If you like the sound, stick around. If you gotta zip, leave a tip." Shockingly, I made a few tips. Less shockingly, I fell in love with storytelling.

I left NOLA to train in Cincinnati, and I'm a proud bearer of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from CCM, where I made lifelong friends, learned lifelong lessons, and also gained a lifelong hatred of Skyline Chili.

(don't @ me plz –– it's just, like, not chili?)

In New York, I've been a tap-dancing Mormon, a frequent at cabaret haunts across the city past most people's bedtimes, a ridiculous improviser through UCB, a grateful educator to the next generation of MT talent with MTCA, a community organizer & co-founder of Indivisible Harlem, and most recently, a citizen of Skid Row down at Little Shop of Horrors Off-Broadway, having played Seymour & Orin, et al., with & opposite my heroes.

I'm so grateful to be a performer, and I'm so grateful you stopped by my site. Let's be friends!

Let's make some music together: get in touch my amazing reps over at CGF Talent »

Logo for Carlton, Goddard, and Freer Talent –– the letters C, G, & F in thre columns, ascending in height.
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